Skol. World Cup.
Go Iceland.

Role: Creative, Art director.

Its 2018 FIFA’s World Cup. Skol, the most beloved brazilian beer, wanted to be part of the World Cup conversations even without being an official sponsor.

Tough, isn’t it?

It was, until the moment The Iceland National Team reached the final phase of the tournament for the very first time.


Because the traditional Iceland cheers to support their players during the matches is “Skol”.

    * Skál - noun (genitive singular skálar, plural skálir)

              1 - Cheers in Icelandic. Pronounced “Skol" .

What a lucky coincidence: they scream "Skol" in the stadiums, while we do the same on every bar/pub in Brazil. And for to the delight of Brazilian’s fans, the first game of Iceland National Team in the World Cup was against Argentina. Our biggest rival.

So, we have an idea. We should bound our fans and cheer together: “Skol”. To celebrate our union and as a gesture of our brand-new friendship, we decide send them a shipment of our very own Skol. 364.134 Skols. One free Skol for each Icelandic.

If they wants Skol, they shall have Skol.

But there was a little bit tiny condition for them get it: they must win (or at least tie) their first match against the All Mighty Argentina National Team.

So, to encourage our icelandic friends, and promote the idea, we release social media content, films, posters, newspaper ads and OOH ( in Iceland and Brazil ). And to make it official we even send a special kit to Iceland's President.

And then the magic happens.

Our friends, the brave Iceland National Team, tied the match against the strong and two times world champions Argentina.

We celebrate together, in Brazil and in Iceland, with a lot of “Skols”

F/Nazca S&S.

Creative Team:
Rafael Klein, Camila Shoji and Rodrigo Adam
Creative Director:
Pedro Prado, Rodrigo Castellari, Theo Rocha
CCO: Fabio Fernades