Skol Summer. 

Quem Viver, Verão

Creative, Art Director.


Skol was responsible for several innovations in the Brazilian beer market: first canned beer, first aluminium can, first long neck, litrão (double pint), and so on. But it is very likely that, until now, you had no idea of that. And that is precisely why we created this campaign.

The briefing was to rescue this pioneering spirit of the brand and present the great innovations that Skol would bring up during the summer. For this, we got to the concept of “Whoever lives, summer (will see)”, and with each new film we presented a Skol release and ended up building the audience expectation for more news that was yet to come.


F/nazca S&S

Creative Team:
Dudu Barcelos, Rodrigo Adam
Creative Director:
Toni Fernandes, Leonardo Claret,
Pedro Prado, Rodrigo Castellari
CCO: Fabio Fernades