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It's enough to hear "not woman enough" Part of the World Athletics tradition and mindset is to corner female athletes into proving whether they really are women.

Sex Testing had many faces since the 1930s: from gender ID cards to gynecological exams From Barr tests to chromossome analysis. The new chapter of this constant bigotry in 2020 says that if the level of the women's testosterone is higher than 5nmol/l they are not considered women and can't compete.

Guess what? No woman should have to prove that she is really a woman. Differences should be celebrated not discriminated. World Athletics keeps causing irreversible psychological damage to girls that just want to do what they love. They just want to run.

#LetHerRun is a movement that embraces all women that want to run and are being kept from it. Embrace it. Fight for it. Join us and support them to compete at Tokyo Olympic Games. And never stop running.


Case Study   

Africa DDB

Creative Team:
Nicholas Bergantin, Pedro Galdi, Yan Graller and Rodrigo Adam
Creative Director:
Nicholas Bergantin and Rodrigo Adam
Matias Menendez
Sérgio Gordilho


Cannes Lions

Silver - Film - Market Disruption
Bronze -  Entertainment for Sport - Film Series and Audio
Bronze - Film - Media/Entertainment
Merit - Film - Online viral film
Merit - Film - Challenger Brand
Merit - Film - Film - Corporate Purpose
Merit -  Film Craft - Direction
Merit - Film Craft - Script

D&AD 2021

Graphite Pencil - Entertainment 
Wood Pencil - Direct - Film
Wood Pencil - Film - Social
Wood Pencil - Film - Tactical
Merit - PR - Reactive Response

Clio Sports 2020

Gold Winner - Film
Gold Winner - Direct
Silver Winner - Social Media (Video)
Silver Winner - Film Craft (Direction)

New York Festivals

Gran Prix : Film: Best use
Gold: Film: Best use - SocialGood: Brand
Gold: Film: Best use - Made for Online 
Bronze: Film Craft - Acting 
Finalist: Film Craft - Direction
Finalist : Film Craft - Script/Copywriting 

El Ojo IberoAmerica 2020

Gold - Film
Gold - Social Film
Gold - PR
Gold - Social Responsibility Campaign
Gold - El Tercer Ojo - Best Ibero America Campaign
Silver - Design
Silver - Writing for Advertising
Silver - Institutional Campaign
Bronze - Film Craft - Screenwriting
Bronze - Viral Film
Bronze - Integrated Campaign
Bronze - PR - Use of Influencers
Bronze - Brand Experience

Ciclope Latino 2020 -
Latinamerican Film Craft Award

Grand Prix