Alexa’s Burnout

Creative, Art Director, Creative Director

A wake-up call from someone who is always listening to you.

How to cook? How to home-schooling? How to work out at home? Lockdown brought us many questions. But we forgot the most important of all: "how am I feeling?" This led us to a burnout syndrome burst, affecting 1 in 3 employed Brazilians.

To raise awareness of this hard- to-spot matter we relied on a home worker who seemed unbreakable: Amazon's Alexa. For one day, the most frequent requests/questions made by users were answered inappropriately, so people could relate it to burnout symptoms. More than a gimmick, Alexa's burnout opened the eyes of thousands of users and other people through PR repercussion.

Case Study

Africa DDB .

Creative Team:
Nicholas Bergantin, Marcelo Bruzzesi,
Filipe Longhini and Rodrigo Adam,

Creative Directors:
Nicholas Bergantin, Marcelo Bruzzesi and Rodrigo Adam,

CCO: Sergio Gordilho


Cannes Lions
Bronze -  Radio & Audio - Voice-Activation
Merit - Direct - New Realities & Voice-activation
Merit -  Health & Wellness – Non-profit/ Foundation-led Education & Awareness
Merit -  Brand Experience & Activation/ B04 – New Realities & Voice-activation

D&AD 2021
Graphite Pencil - Radio & Audio - Tactical